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I read J.K. Rowling’s essay.

I regret doing so.

Here are some thoughts. Trans readers, brace yourselves, especially if you didn’t read the original.

Some help came from Andrew James Carter’s response thread, which has many more citations but feels less compelling to a general audience to me.

2020-02-02 07:21:00

I first got into web design/development in the late 90s, and only as I type this sentence do I realize how long ago that was.

And boy, it was horrendous. I mean, being able to make stuff and put it online where other people could see it was pretty slick, but we did not have very much to work with.

I’ve been taking for granted that most folks doing web stuff still remember those days, or at least the decade that followed, but I think that assumption might be a wee bit out of date. Some time ago I encountered a tweet marvelling at what we had to do without border-radius. I still remember waiting with bated breath for it to be unprefixed!

But then, I suspect I also know a number of folks who only tried web design in the old days, and assume nothing about it has changed since.

I’m here to tell all of you to get off my lawn. Here’s a history of CSS and web design, as I remember it.

2017-11-27 18:21:38
4b7c5d6 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Hack duplicate moves/items into kinda working, for now 2017-11-27 18:00:48
1e90272 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Whoops, commit version icons SVG 2017-11-25 22:40:09
2017-11-25 21:33:33
b2e17e7 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Switch to gen 7 Serebii/Smogon dexes 2017-11-25 21:26:09
ac5159a Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Use USUM sprites in the main flavor block 2017-11-25 21:24:11
c4670b5 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Default to USUM sprites 2017-11-25 21:22:52
60a4f66 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add USUM to flavor pages 2017-11-25 21:18:33
2de8f2c Eevee (Lexy Munroe) USUM box spritesheet 2017-11-25 21:18:26
967c1ac Eevee (Lexy Munroe) USUM version icons 2017-11-25 21:17:55
2017-09-04 17:08:59
3554f47 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Bump up default Pokémon sprite version 2017-09-04 16:58:14
bebdd92 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add Sun/Moon version icons 2017-09-04 16:52:38
24afedd Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Use Sun/Moon sprites on Pokémon pages 2017-09-04 16:23:08
dce9c97 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add Sun/Moon to Pokémon flavor pages 2017-09-04 16:14:55
3fab40a Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Update Pokémon/move list pages to gen 7 2017-09-04 12:09:07
2ea1bce Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Update box sprite sheet, and generate the CSS 2017-09-02 15:08:34
68b62eb Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Remove "Pokémon" from the genus, since it's baked in now 2017-09-02 14:27:47
e1499db Eevee (Lexy Munroe) ja => ja-Hrkt 2017-06-18 07:15:42
2016-10-16 01:55:32
249ab04 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add a tarball of Global Link artwork 2016-10-16 01:45:57