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Hey, I am Eevee and this is veekun and it's a Pokédex. You probably want to type into that box in the top right, or maybe just start browsing.

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Welcome to Monday Night Itch, a harebrained scheme to encourage folks to play more non-AAA games by adding a touch of social gamification. I thought I would be tweeting my adventures here, but I just had an experience so profound it can only be captured within a blog post.

2022-01-26 06:57:00

Pearl laying on carpet, bathed in a sunbeam that highlights her peach fuzz

A Chronicling of the Lyfe and Times of one Miss Pearl Twig Woods, who has Passed at a Young Age from Troubles of the Heart. She is survived by Anise, her Arch Nemesis; Cheeseball, her Adoptive Ruffian; and Napoleon, her Star-Crossed Suitor for Whom she Longed from Afar.

2017-11-27 18:21:38
4b7c5d6 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Hack duplicate moves/items into kinda working, for now 2017-11-27 18:00:48
1e90272 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Whoops, commit version icons SVG 2017-11-25 22:40:09
2017-11-25 21:33:33
b2e17e7 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Switch to gen 7 Serebii/Smogon dexes 2017-11-25 21:26:09
ac5159a Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Use USUM sprites in the main flavor block 2017-11-25 21:24:11
c4670b5 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Default to USUM sprites 2017-11-25 21:22:52
60a4f66 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add USUM to flavor pages 2017-11-25 21:18:33
2de8f2c Eevee (Lexy Munroe) USUM box spritesheet 2017-11-25 21:18:26
967c1ac Eevee (Lexy Munroe) USUM version icons 2017-11-25 21:17:55
2017-09-04 17:08:59
3554f47 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Bump up default Pokémon sprite version 2017-09-04 16:58:14
bebdd92 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add Sun/Moon version icons 2017-09-04 16:52:38
24afedd Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Use Sun/Moon sprites on Pokémon pages 2017-09-04 16:23:08
dce9c97 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add Sun/Moon to Pokémon flavor pages 2017-09-04 16:14:55
3fab40a Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Update Pokémon/move list pages to gen 7 2017-09-04 12:09:07
2ea1bce Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Update box sprite sheet, and generate the CSS 2017-09-02 15:08:34
68b62eb Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Remove "Pokémon" from the genus, since it's baked in now 2017-09-02 14:27:47
e1499db Eevee (Lexy Munroe) ja => ja-Hrkt 2017-06-18 07:15:42
2016-10-16 01:55:32
249ab04 Eevee (Lexy Munroe) Add a tarball of Global Link artwork 2016-10-16 01:45:57