Pretty much anything that exists in the Pokémon world can be found in the Pokédex. Just type in a name and try it out.

Or you can browse by category:

Finding stuff

Lookup works the same way anywhere you can type a name. ("Lookup" refers to entering a name to find something(s) specific. "Searching" is a bit more complicated.)

Case (kecleon vs KECLEON) and extra spaces are ignored.

If you enter something that's misspelled or could be one of several pages, you'll get a list of up to 10 guesses or matches to choose from.

You can specify what sort of thing you're looking for by putting one or more before a colon, e.g. pokemon:Kangaskhan or item,move:metronome. This is mostly useful when looking things up by national id (pokemon:151), because moves and types have ids, too. It's also helpful when looking up something ambiguous (move:Psychic vs type:psychic) if you want to skip the disambiguation page.

Similarly, you can restrict lookup by language. charge will offer both Tackle and Charge, because Tackle's French name is "Charge". If you wanted one or the other, you could enter @fr:charge or @en:charge. These also combine with the prefixes above, as in @fr,move:charge.

Lookup understands the following:

National IDs
pokemon:352; move:1
Eevee; Rough Skin; Super Rod; Route 202
Pokémon forms
Speed Deoxys; Wash Rotom
Jump to subpages
eevee flavor; eevee locations
Foreign names
イーブイ; Iibui; Eivui; Évoli; 이브이
Misspelled names
Dragontie; Synthesys; psychich; Thunder Shock
pokemon:????; move:thunder*; item:* ball
pokemon:random; move:random; random
Magic words