Pokémon Conquest

For the first time in veekun history, we* are attempting to investigate a spinoff game: Pokémon Conquest. This may not be as complete as some other sites in some areas, but in the true spirit of veekun, virtually everything is ripped straight from the game's innards so you can be sure it's accurate** and everything is presented very prettily.

Here's what we have so far:

  • Pokémon, including stuff the game tells you, plus evolution methods, precise stats, and maximum links with warriors
  • Warriors, including stuff the game tells you, plus rank-up methods and maximum links with Pokémon
  • Moves, including their stats and effects, not finished but in more detail than the game provides
  • Abilities, but with no information other than which Pokémon have them
  • Warrior skills, but with no more information than abilities

You can also get to all these lists from the Pokédex menu. Everything's in the lookup, too; if you want to go straight to the Conquest page for something that also exists in the main series, you'll have to tack conquest on the end, e.g. eevee conquest.

The plan from here is to write effects for abilities and warrior skills, figure out how to rip locations for stuff, and get whatever other data we're probably forgetting. Maaaaybe investigate and write in detail about mechanics like stats and damage and link gain, if people still care about this game enough when we get there.

* And by "we", I mean me: Zhorken.** Eevee's busy writing veekun 8 and I'm pretty sure he hasn't even played the game.
** No, wait, that's not entirely true either. The data-ripping part was a joint effort between me and Eifie; if anything, she did more than I did. I somehow forgot to mention that when Conquest stuff first went live.