I couldn't possibly have built this thing on my own. My heart goes out to all of the below, who have donated their time, patience, and sweat to make veekun worth using:

  • My partner in crime GlitchedPuppet (メロメロ), who all-too-eagerly tells me when something I've made is ugly, and who generously contributed the header image and error page illustrations.
  • magical, who knows more about the games' guts than I do, and who is never afraid to argue with me when I do something dumb.
  • Zhorken, for going into overdrive and doing all the dirty work every time there's a new set of games out.


  • The Ultimate Pokémon Center, one of the few places that still has detailed information on mechanics for the old games.
  • Chalumeau, for mountains of metagame details I never thought I'd want to know and still don't.
  • Project Pokémon, for the ridiculous lengths they go to in the name of game research.
  • Zhen Lin, loadingNOW, and Pipian, who (willing or not) got me started on extracting game data myself when Gen IV arrived.
  • Smogon, for its legion of nit-picking nerds who provide a constant stream of fascinating trivia like "Gravity disables Splash".
  • Smogon's Supreme Leader chaos, who cheerfully donated friendly dumps of historical move data I needed on several occasions.
  • Azure Heights Pokémon Laboratory, the move descriptions of which set my first bar of quality for level of detail.
  • PokéMasters, for its long-since-forgotten Pokédex which provided some of the seed data for veekun.
  • Prima Games, whose original Pokémon Red/Blue guide got me started in the first place, and whose horrendously erroneous data I'm still correcting to this day.
  • Everyone I'm forgetting! Surely, there are many more.


  • Vondell, whose ridiculous sprites decorate some otherwise boring pages.
  • The Cave of Dragonflies and its ragtag bunch, for acting as eternal guinea-pigs-slash-beta-testers.
  • PkParaíso, for most of the X/Y sprites (well, "sprites") that veekun is currently using.
  • Serebii.net, for the handful of X/Y sprites PkParaíso didn't have.


  • Ubuntu, both my desktop's and the server's operating system.
  • Apache, the reliable lumbering beast of a Web server.
  • Python, the best programming language in the world.
  • Pylons, the Python Web framework this is all based on.
  • Whoosh, an impressive Python text indexing library.
  • PostgreSQL, a fabulous free database engine.
  • Git, the finest version control system I can name.
  • The GIMP, ImageMagick, Gifsicle, and OptiPNG, all great imaging tools.

And, of course

  • Game Freak, for creating these stupid games, and Nintendo, for publishing them. (Please stop.)